Crafting Cash: 5 Magazines That Pay $1+ per Word!

Crafting Cash: Magazines Paying $1+ per Word!

Dive into the world of freelance writing as we unveil a comprehensive guide to not just one, but five magazines that generously pay writers at least $1 per word. From culinary delights to coastal science, explore the niches and discover the pathways to financial success.


The realm of writing is a fusion of passion and pursuit. This guide unveils the secrets of five magazines offering writers a remarkable rate of at least $1 per word. Join us as we explore submission guidelines, payment rates, and the unique opportunities each magazine presents for freelance writers.

1. EatingWell

Niche Overview

EatingWell, a national food magazine, focuses on promoting healthy eating. Explore articles on healthy recipes, meal plans, diets, lifestyles, nutrition, and food trends.

Submission Guidelines

While there are no strict formatting guidelines, following the style of recently published articles enhances acceptance chances. Submit pitches through email to specific editors, with response times ranging from 3 to 6 months.

Next Steps

Pitch your culinary creations via email and discover the flavors of success. Email addresses for editors can be found in the submission guidelines.


Enjoy a feast of payment, with EatingWell offering up to $1 per word for your delectable words.

2. Travel + Leisure

Niche Exploration

Travel + Leisure, a dedicated travel magazine, actively seeks pitches covering a broad spectrum of topics, including trip ideas, travel guides, trends, and inspiration.

Submission Guidelines

While there are no specific submission guidelines, writers are advised to align with the formatting of recently published stories on the website for a higher chance of acceptance.

Next Steps

Pitches should be sent via email to, with additional submission guidelines available on the website. The digital payment rate varies, and potential writers can expect a response within a reasonable timeframe.


Travel + Leisure offers competitive rates, with reports of up to $2 per word for print, making it an attractive option for freelance writers.

3. Hakai Magazine

Niche Spotlight

Hakai magazine features articles on coastal science, society, and the environment. Explore more on the website.

Submission Guidelines

Hakai Magazine has a bundle of guidelines for submissions for different sections.

Next Steps

You can email the editors to send your pitches. For each section email address is different. You can find them here.


According to Who Pay Writers, the website pays $1.05 per word. But the rates can vary depending on your article.

4. AARP The Magazine

Niche Insight

AARP The Magazine features articles about money, health, fitness, travel, personal essays, relationship, etc. Gather more info on the website.

Submission Guidelines

Follow their submission guidelines here.

Next Steps

To submit your article, you’ve to pitch your article idea via email to Send only plain text on the email body (no attachments).


Who Pay Writers states that AARP Magazine pays $1.50 per word, but the rates can extend to $2 per word for print.

5. Popular Science

Niche Exploration

Popular Science magazine aims to serve its readers by informing them about the progress of technology and its impact on their daily lives.

Submission Guidelines

Guidelines, word limit, and additional information are on the website itself.

Next Steps

You can submit your story to But don’t send the complete article. Instead, submit only queries. They will respond to you if they find your submission interesting. You can gather more information here.


According to Who Pay Writers, the average pay rate for Popular Science is $1.12 per word.

Final Encouragement

The path to success in writing is often challenging but immensely rewarding. Learning from rejections and embracing the entire writing process can lead to personal and professional growth. Remember, success in the writing world takes time and persistence.


In conclusion, these five magazines not only provide a platform for writers to showcase their work to a wider audience but also offer substantial financial rewards, with rates starting at $1 per word. As you embark on your writing journey, consider these opportunities, learn from rejections, and keep honing your craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long does it take for magazines to respond to submissions?
  • A: Response times vary, but writers can generally expect a reply within 3 to 6 months.
  • Q: Are there specific formatting guidelines for submission?
  • A: While some magazines have preferred formats, following the style of recently published articles is recommended.
  • Q: What is the average payment rate for these magazines?
  • A: Rates vary, but all five magazines discussed offer at least $1 per word, with potential for higher payments based on factors like article type and format.


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